About Us

Our Vision

You can’t teach compassion, and that is what makes us SHINE! Jessica has a knack for working with Reps and Dealers about products in a way that is engaging and (sometimes) entertaining.


Our Story

Prior to 2015, Jessica’s product background centered around Aerospace and V-Twin motorcycles. Upon returning to the motorcycle industry via RAM Mounts, she expanded her product knowledge and relationship building across to metric street, ATV/UTV, Marine, Golf, and Bicycle products. And since 2017- She has chosen her own Brands.... That Shine

Gunnar Heinemeyer got his start working at dealerships in 1991, working as a service technician on a range of bikes, from Honda to Harley-Davidson.

Working mostly within the V-twin world, he moved on to sales and product management roles at Custom Chrome Europe and transferred to CCI as a product manager before landing with Hard Drive as department director.

Heinemeyer has now partnered in ownership with Jessica Shine at Brands That Shine. He will bring expertise in distributor/vendor relations, supporting all kinds of dealerships, including Street/V-twin, ATV/UTV, Off-road and electric.


In Her Own Words

“In the same relaxing way someone might greet their family as they stroll into the kitchen for coffee on a Saturday morning, this is how I feel about walking onto a convention room floor. I live for my industry and the people in it. I am energized by the opportunities to educate folks about my clients' products. I am equally enthusiastic about supporting Dealer sales and offering them samples because they ARE the backbone of our business. We rely on them to know what customers want.”